Romvac Company S.A., 43 years of experience!


Romvac Company S.A. is a state-of-the-art manufacturing and research unit, with equipment appropriate to the scientific approach level of microbiology, immunology research and particularly the manufacture and control of biological products under IMUNOINSTANT brand.

Romvac Company S.A. has:

– IMS certification (Integrated Management System), consisting of: Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2004
– Good Manufacturing Practice (G.M.P.) certification
– veterinary and human medicine research (1965-2014)
– certification for the Veterinary Medicine Research Development activity, under the scientific coordination of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences
– manufacture of veterinary biopreparations and drugs (1970-2014)
– manufacture of SPF eggs and poultry (1965-2014)

Romvac Company S.A. has veterinary medicine experience:
– aviculture (1965-2014)
– breeding of specific pathogen free poultry (SPF), (1965-2014)
– avian pathology (Marek disease, avian leucosis), (1965-2014)
– bovine pathology (bovine leucosis, tuberculosis), (1977-2014)

Romvac Company S.A. has human medicine experience:
– inactivated influenza vaccine for human use (1970);
– human cancer immunology (leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma), (1971-2007)
– viral, genetic and epidemiological studies on HIV/AIDS, in children from Romania (1989-2007)

– manufacture of Pop de Popa biologic valve (1984-1986)
– comparative pathology research (humans and animals) (1965-2014)

Romvac Company S.A. owns 17 patents for manufacturing inventions (1965-2014).

Since 2012, Romvac Company S.A. has initiated the research in the field of avian immunoglobulin. Together with the Clinical Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases ”Dr. Victor Babeş” in Bucharest, Romvac has approached the antibiotic resistance concern. During 2012-2014, as worldwide premiere, immunoglobulins have been prepared against antigens obtained from antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. Paraclinical studies proved that immunoglobulins (IgY) can be obtained with specific effect on pathogenic bacteria isolated from patients in hospitals.

Romvac Company S.A. owns IMUNOINSTANT products in fluid state for adults and children, fluid products for nasal administration, yolk granules, spray and ointment. All these products contain either monovalent IgY or polyvalent IgY, with a mixture of 5 up to 8 specific immunoglobulins.

Product in fluid state, granules, spray and ointment with IgY- monospecific or IgY-poly against:

1. Salmonella enteritidis

2. Salmonella typhimurium

3. Klebsiella pneumoniae

4. Pseudomonas aeruginosa

5. Staphylococcus aureus

6. Acinetobacter baumannii

7. Clostridium difficile vegetative state

8. Clostridium difficile sporoidal form

9. Clostridium difficile exotoxins A and B

10. Rabies virus, Flury strain (immunization-pending)

11. Rabies virus, CVS strain (immunization-pending)

12. Rotavirus

13. Bacillus anthracis

14. Parvovirus (immunization-pending)

15. Carré’s disease virus (immunization-pending)

16. Candida albicans

17. Helicobacter pylori

Specific pathogen free poultry (SPF poultry)


Since 1965, Romvac has been breeding SPF poultry for clinical assessments, research and manufacture of biopreparations. IMUNOINSTANT is prepared based on these poultry and fulfills the requirements for external and internal use.

The breeding of specific pathogen free poultry is carried out using sterile air, water and feed, without human access in the breeding environment.

SPF poultry are controlled regarding health and freedom from specific pathogens.

The eggs obtained from these poultry are used for vaccine production, diagnosis and research.

Within the program for achievement, preparation and control of avian immunoglobulins (IgY), SPF poultry are the ones providing specific pathogen free eggs.